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The Christ Wesleyan Church Residency Program invests in the future leadership of the church. The focus of the residency program is the resident. Our desire is to pour into our residents to give them the hands-on experience they will need to thrive in ministry. To ensure that we are able to provide the best residency experience we can, Christ Wesleyan Church has teamed with what we believe is the best Residency Program in the country. Our partnership with the 12Stone Church Residency Program has given us a tremendous advantage in education and programming for our residents. Six developmental elements form the strategy of the Residency Program. Each element contributes to the growth of the resident in a unique way, and together, they form a powerful and holistic approach to leadership development.

  1. Ministry Experience Ministry Experience is at the core of the Residency Program. The purpose of the Residency is to ensure that the residents have the leadership capacity and know-how to effectively and competently lead as a pastor. In order to do this, residents need significant and real-life ministry experience.
  2. Leadership Coaching Two times per month the resident coach and resident will meet one on one for at least 45 minutes to discuss leadership. The purpose of the Leadership Coaching meeting is to ensure that the resident is growing in leadership competence during the residency.
  3. Personal Development – Personal Development focuses on who the resident is rather than what the resident does. Two times per month, the resident coach will meet one on one for at least 45 minutes for personal development with each resident. The purpose of this meeting is to ensure that the resident is growing both personally and as a Christian during the residency.
  4. Leadership Training Curriculum The Leadership Training Curriculum is unpacked during a weekly training meeting and gives valuable insight into different types of leadership. The Leadership Training Curriculum covers Self Leadership, Relational Leadership, and Organizational Leadership. The Leadership Training Curriculum also has an “elective” quarter where the resident can learn about Pastoral Ministry, Preaching Ministry or Worship Ministry.
  5. Church Culture Being part of a winning team is contagious. Residents benefit greatly from being invited into a staff and church culture that is thriving and healthy. Within this context, they pick up nuances and attitudes that separate winning teams from other teams.
  6. Evaluations The evaluation process gives feedback to the resident as well as to the resident coach about the residency and the resident’s readiness for pastoral ministry. It also serves as a catch-all for any development issues that have been inadvertently overlooked in the other elements. The evaluation process includes weekly resident reports, monthly coach reports as well as strategic evaluation meetings.

The Christ Wesleyan Church Residency Program is a two-year, full-time leadership training program designed to give residents hands-on experience working with one of the staff teams of the church, personal mentoring and leadership training to equip emerging church leaders for a lifetime of ministry significance.

  • The residency start dates are March 1, June 1, September 1, and December 1 each year.
  • Residents work a total of approximately 30 hours per week.
  • Residents are paid (with optional housing for single residents).
  • Wesleyan residents will complete their service requirements for ordination by participation in this program.

Residents gain experience by serving as part of a staff team in one of the ministry departments of the church. The department in which a resident serves is chosen with the resident based on experience, team chemistry, and desired ministry future. Below are the focus areas for residents at Christ Wesleyan Church:

  • Family Life Ministry
  • Relational Care Ministry
  • Worship Ministries
  • Young Adult Ministry
  • Youth Ministry
  • Multicultural Ministry
  • Christian School Ministry Leadership
  • Senior/Solo/Church Planting Ministry

The Church

Christ Wesleyan is a healthy and thriving environment focused on compassion for others and sharing the light of Christ to the world around us.  Our staff and congregation are extremely loving and accepting of all people. We love God; we love each other, and we support one another in our journey through life.

We focus our care in order to meet many different areas of spiritual, emotional, social, and physical needs. As a body, we strive for wholeness and wellness through the use of growth groups to help people connect to the body. These growth groups take the form of small groups, care groups, large groups, and various classroom groups.

Our Lead Pastor, Arlie Davis, leads the congregation through presenting a message that is true to God’s word in methods that are relatable to the multi-generational congregation we have. Our focus reaches beyond our own culture is extended through the ministry of our Hispanic pastor and his leadership in our Hispanic services and ministries.

As a church of about 1,500 people located in rural Pennsylvania, we offer a unique residency opportunity. Because of our size and location, we can provide many ministry opportunities not available in a smaller church setting. As a large church in a rural area, we have also had to face and overcome many of the same growth challenges which many young ministers in small churches face.
Christ Wesleyan is a safe teaching environment in which residents can learn the skills they will need for future ministry endeavors. The staff is ready to invest in their residents to help them feel adequately prepared for the ministry that God has designed for them. Residents will experience a creative work environment with a team that will help them set and meet their ministry goals.

A Message from Pastor Arlie

Pastor Arlie Davis

Pastor Arlie Davis

Lead Pastor, Christ Wesleyan Church

It is my privilege to share in these formative days of your ministry along with Pastor Erik, our primary point person in our Residency Program.

While at Christ Wesleyan, you will experience dynamic worship, excellent ministry practice, and a myriad of service opportunities that will enhance your calling and prepare you for a lifetime of effective ministry leadership. You will also take part in a personal discipleship and mentorship program that will allow you to deepen your faith and strengthen the uniqueness and influence of your calling.

This Residency Program is designed to familiarize you with the expectations, responsibilities, and procedures for ministry. There is much to learn, and I encourage you to ask questions, giving us the opportunity to share from our training and experience. Unfortunately, as you may know, burnout is very high in the ministry. I feel most pastors are inadequately prepared and many are thrust into experiences or ministry places that would create hardship for a seasoned pastor. The intent of the Residency Program is to enable you with the needed skills (as a solo pastor, staff pastor, or a lead pastor) to meet those challenges in ministry.

As with every area of your life, I know you can be counted on to fulfill your residency here at Christ Wesleyan with Kingdom-driven excellence to share the light of Jesus Christ with as many as possible.

Serving with you,
Arlie Davis

“…and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” – 2 Timothy 2:2

Testimonials from Church Leadership

schmidtDr. Wayne Schmidt
"Residency programs are valuable because the resident is developed through real-time ministry responsibility but in a context that emphasizes learning as well as leading. Experienced ministry leaders invest in them while they, in turn, invest in others through their ministry role."

- Dr. Wayne Schmidt, General Superintendent of the Wesleyan Church
lyonDr. Jo Anne Lyon
"Residency programs for pastors have proven to increase the confidence, ability and stability of pastors for the long haul. To be a resident pastor at Christ Wesleyan with Arlie Davis and staff increases the benefits exponentially. A rare opportunity."

- Dr. Jo Anne Lyon, General Superintendent Emeritus of The Wesleyan Church
garlowDr. Jim Garlow
"Most young pastors are thrown into circumstances for which they've never been prepared. The residency program gives an opportunity to experience ministry with the gentle support of a veteran pastor coming alongside to assist! Arlie Davis is seasoned, theologically savvy and perseverant. That means when he speaks, it's worth listening. Bottom line: this is a great program."

- Dr. Jim Garlow, Pastor of Skyline Church


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